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Miami Notary Service - Public Notary - Mobile Notary Service- Apostille

NOTICE TO OUR CLIENTS: We are not attorneys at law, and we are not licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and we may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. If you need any legal documents drafted you should contact a licensed attorney to assist you.

AVISO A NUESTROS CLIENTES: No somos abogados y no tenemos licencia para ejercer la abogacía en el estado de Florida, y no podemos dar asesoramiento legal ni aceptar honorarios por asesoría legal. Si necesita documentos legales redactados debe ponerse en contacto con un abogado con licencia para ayudarle.

A Wizard Investigations  Provides Mobile Notary Services in Miami Dade County.Our Miami Mobile Notary- are bilingual and completely fluent in both English and Spanish, assuring that all parties involved fully understand the transaction. We travel  to your Office, Home or a coffee shop in the area. We pride ourselves in taking the hassle out of finding a notary, so you can always get the signing services you require, exactly where and when you need them.





Apostille Stamp 


Our Miami Notary Public will travel to your location and perform the notarization needed, usually within the hour from the time of your notice. This service is very convenient for clients who need to legalize documents with an Apostille in an urgent manner, or have hospitalized relatives, or busy Attorneys who requires professional and  fast service.  

Our service are  available  anyone who needs a document notarized  in Miami Dade or Borward County


The following are documents we assist but are not limited:

•Power of Attorney
•Photocopy Authentications
•Wedding Ceremonies
•Bills of Sale

After Hours and Emergency Notary Service: Anything needing a notarization after 6:00 P.M. and or on weekends is considered after hours and or emergency notary service. The cost for this service is $75.00 for the first document and $10.00 for each additional document.





•NOTARIZATION Fee : $10.00 Per notarization plus travel fees. 

•WITNESS Fee: $70.00 Per witness, plus travel fees. 


DADE COUNTY AREA $65.00 "flat rate travel fee" has been established for notarizations within MIAMI DADE COUNTY  Area plus $10.00 for each signature Notarized. 

Borward County $90.00 PLUS MILAGE AND TOLLS




We also provided Marriage license  singing and Wedding Ceremony Services  in Miami Dade County our service includes performing the service, reading of the traditional vows, performing the ceremony at your location of choice.

Wedding Photography Packages are also available  with our Marriage license singing and additional price. 

Contact us for more detail.


Wedding Ceremonies: $225.00

Photography Package Starting @ $300.00





•You MUST have a valid State Issued Identification such as a drivers license, a passport, and or a military identification.
•All documents to be notarized MUST be in your possession.
•If a witness is needed and you cannot provide one we will for an additional fee of $70.00
•Payments MUST be made upon completion of the document signing in cash, credit card, and or PayPal.
•DO NOT SIGN the documents beforehand as the purpose of the notarization is that the notary is attesting that you provided proper identification and are the person signing the document.
•When the Notary Agent arrives have all document ready as we will only allow a 30 minute grace period and after which a $55.00 fee per hour will be added to the total of the notarization.




A Public notary is not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice or make something "legal". However we can provide our service to witness the signatures on a legal document and verify the identity of the person who signs them. Our Miami mobile notary provides their expertise and attention to your needs, so you can remain focused on your business without worrying about whether your documents will be executed precisely. We may also administer an oath in certain cases.