Miami Surveillance Investigator

Surveillance Investigator

There are many purposes to hire a Surveillance Investigator, whether you are going through a divorce or any other personal reason. Our Private Investigators can investigate any person or business discreetly in order to prove Issues related to Personal or Corporate matters. When a company’s management suspects that something is just not right in the workplace, or if there are concerns with employee behavior, an undercover investigator can reveal more information than most security systems or CCTVs could ever hope to capture our Undercover Investigators offer expertise in identifying the source of workplace problems, including: TheftIndustrial espionageSexual harassment,Kickback schemes,Substance abuse,Workplace violations,FraudMystery shopping (retail industry),Compliance issues,Supervision issues,Work productivity,Safety issues a Surveillance Investigator can also provide  information regarding, Infidelity and extramarital affairs, cheating spouses, stalking, civil investigations, employee investigations, insurance fraud or any other reason.