Record Search - Records Retrieval

In addition to our industry-leading Background Records Retrieval services, we also offer a general Records Retrieval service. Record retrieval may include collecting autopsy reports, death certificates, toxicology reports, police reports or other case-related documents.

Our investigators obtain appropriate authorization to view and copy records. In addition, they routinely authenticate all data by verifying an individual’s name, date of birth and Social Security number.


A record retrival may be utilized to for the following reason locating  a debtor, verify employment, verify criminal records, verify a tenant, locate a missing person or family member, locating a witness to an accident.


Some of the records searches available

  • Advance person search: This report will provided the most current location were the individual in question is residing.


  • Comprehensive Person search: May include active phone numbers, address summary, address details, aircraft, associates, associate summary, bankruptcies, cities history, corporate filings, counties history, criminal records, drivers licenses, email addresses, employers, evictions, hunting permits, judgments, neighbor summary, other phones, pilot licenses, possible associates, possible associate summary, professional associates, professional licenses, property deeds, property foreclosures, property assessments, property owners, relative summary, business associates, trade marks, UCC filings, utility connections, vehicles, voter registration, weapon permits and a choice of relative depth.


  • Comprehensive Business Report: This report will  provide information pertaining to a  Business,  Business Phones Search, or Corporate Filing Search to provide more information on a business. Results returned may include information such as aircraft, bankruptcies, corporations, corporate filings, evictions, judgments, employees, connected businesses, possible employees, property deeds, property foreclosures, property assessments, subsidiaries, trade marks, UCC filings, vehicles, vessels, and watch list records.


  • Criminal Report: This report search provides criminal records for many different counties in the United States. You can search using combinations of name, social security number, date of birth, age range, address, city, state, ethnicity and Person ID. Results returned may include information such as name, social security number, date of birth, Person ID, offense, suspect information, crime details, arrest details, warrant details and additional details.


  • Crash Report: Police crash reports. Direct access to accident reports for involved parties as well as insurance companies.


  • Fish, Hunting, Gaming license Report: Records identifies any recreational license individual currently has or has had active. This report may identify the subjects most current Home address Phone number or email if updated with the local gaming department.