Skip - Traces

Skip-Trace Person locate


Skip-tracing: Is the process of locating a person's whereabouts. 


We can locate anyone local or Nation wide, our service is confidential and discreet and its available to Attorneys or Private Clients. Locate a person by first and last name, Date of birth, Social Security, vehicle tag, Old Address, last know residence,  cell phone, landline, Utility bill, Email.


A Wizard Investigations specializes in person locates and skip- tracing services. We can assist you in locating anyone. Whether it is a witness in your case needed to make statements or testify in court cases, locate a Debtor or a  Deadbeat father or a defendant who has disappeared. Our Investigation Agency makes every effort to locate the individual. We will work with the information you provide our Detective agency and will produce end results. 


The time between when an incident occurs and litigation proceedings take place can be lengthy. Witnesses move away and may become difficult to find.Our Miami Private Investigation agency offers database locates or physical locates in the field. You can count on our extensive, nationwide network of investigators to track down lost witnesses and so they can provide the testimony you need in court cases.